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What are Extra Packs?

Extra Packs is an optional additional package of software, themes, icons, and wallpapers to Windows eXPerience. This package was made in collaboration between nwin and Travis. Download Now

What's Included
  • Fully automated installer.
  • Full Plex, Slate, and Watercolor themes.
  • Internet Explorer 7 & 8 Upgrades.
  • 30 eXPerience, Whistler, and Longhorn-themed wallpapers.
Current Issues
  • Due to the nature of Plex's coloration, some apps may appear strangely, such as Internet Explorer.
  • IE7 + 8 themes only work on Firefox 109. Please disable updates and ensure you are on 109 before installing.
Download Extras Pack Release 2

You can download Extras Pack Release 1 here.