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This is an older version of Windows eXPerience, you can find the latest version here.
What is Freestyle Update?

Freestyle is a small update to the Windows eXPerience project that completes the previous Lonestar Update with 2 new visual styles and several changes, making Windows eXPerience more faithful to Microsoft® Windows® XP. Download Now

What's New?
  • Zune & Embedded are here to complete the collection of visual styles! To change themes, go to "Change Luna Theme" on the Control Panel, if you do not see it, enable Large/Small Icons view.
  • Several icons have been changed, making the mod feel more consistent in icons. You should see not much out of place icons while using the mod.
  • Minor changes that make Windows eXPerience more faithful to the real deal.
Current Issues
  • Changing from Luna to any other theme may cause the screen to be black and kick the user out of the desktop. Go through the process of changing themes and it will apply. This also fixes broken WindowMetrics from the aftermath.
  • The program that is used to force the Basic (Non-DWM) Window Borders is broken when installing this mod with any language but en-US.
  • The Appearance tab on Display Properties crashes the applet, use "Change Luna Theme" on the Control Panel to change themes.
  • Inactive Caption Text color is inaccurate, this has something to do with Windows 10.
  • Dialogs, Strings, and Menus will be unmodified if you use any language other than en-US.
  • Any DPI above 100% will be broken. This mod is incompatible with ANY type of DPI scaling.
  • File Explorer's toolbars may look messed up, this will be more prone to shown when the File Explorer window is maximized by default.
  • Tray area of the taskbar will be broken when showing all tray icons.
  • Volume system tray may not change the volume. This depends on your sound configuration and the Sound Devices.
  • Some of the menus on File Explorer will not work (ex. "Favorites", "Help"). These are only here for the sake of accuracy.
  • On-Screen Keyboard will show a QWERTY + CJK layout.
  • Internet & E-mail may look wrong on Royale, Royale Noir, Zune, and Embedded.
  • All themes other than Luna have incorrect DWM Window Frames. This will be noticable when a program is not responsing, running a program as SYSTEM or TrustedInstaller, and the small delay forcing the Non-DWM (Basic) Window Frames.
  • Windows Messenger does not work. This is due to Microsoft shutting down the servers. If you feel so in using it, look for trusted services that hosts servers for MSN/Windows Live Messenger. I personally recommend in using Escargot ( Though be cautious on using these outdated services, even if they're secure.
Download Freestyle Update

You can download Freestyle Update here.